Project #frontdoorpeninsula19 


Around the world, we find ourselves in a surreal situation we are all trying to come to terms with. How are you dealing with social isolation and being told what you can and cannot do?  It's not easy, but we know that it is necessary to get this pandemic under control.

It is a once in a lifetime situation, and as a photographer I feel strongly that this time of our lives should be documented.  To mark this unique historical moment in time, I have put together a few options for you to choose from, to have a professional portrait of yourself, and the ones you love including your family, partners, and pets, taken in front of your front door. 

I strongly believe that a photo is not complete until it has been printed and hung in a special spot in your home. Whilst I am able to print these photos, there is also a range of digital options for you to share or print to your own specifications.


Choose your preferred image option, add to the shopping cart and process payment. I will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to take your portrait in front of your door, verandah etc.

Gather your family, yourself, partner, & pets together. There is no need to get dressed up as this portrait reflects the current situation we all live in. So dress as you please. Of course, we will practice social distancing throughout this experience.

Feel free to contact me via the link if you have further questions. 

Keep safe,


Choose & click on your preferred image below for more details. 

See you soon, stay well, healthy and look after each other.